Monday, April 18, 2011

Russian Matroyoshka Nesting Dolls-So Cute!

Have you ever heard of Russian Nesting Dolls? My sister and I had a set a long time ago, and they were the neatest thing! I used to love just sitting and looking at the dolls...the intricate design on each doll was amazing to me. And, of course, the ingenious idea of having multiple dolls, each one getting smaller so it would fit inside-I was intrigued! Now that I'm older, I am still fascinated by nesting dolls. They are so gorgeous, and there are so many themes available! Growing up I thought they were all basically painted the same, but boy was I wrong! For example, check out these Russian dolls with a Cathedral hand-painted on:

If you're looking for some Russian Nesting Dolls, then you need to visit
They have a huge variety of themes available, from Russian holidays to floral designs to an adorable set of Mini Tini's! And I love the family set!

 I definitely recommend you check out this site. A set of these Matroyshka Dolls would be a great Mother's Day gift! They're very reasonably priced, yet they are such a unique, beautiful gift that the recipient will treasure for a long time to come!

" was founded with a simple goal - to provide our customers the largest selection of Matryoshka Nesting Dolls and Russian Nesting Dolls at the best possible prices."

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  1. I love nesting dolls. I have 2 sets of Christmas ones and one set of fairy tales. The details of these are beautiful.

  2. I love these dolls. I like that there is such variety to the different sets.

  3. I have always wanted some of these dolls; however, I am trying to simplify my life and not add any more knick knacks or stuff.