Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches That Make A Difference

 SocialMoms and Cottonelle have teamed up to make us think about little switches we can make in our lives. Small changes that will make a difference, for the good obviously. Here are just 4 changes we have made in our family that have made our life easier, more enjoyable, or just fun!
One switch that I have actually done (although it took me a while to actually go ahead with it) was to change out my hairstyle. For most of my life, I either had my hair in a ponytail, braid, or pulled the sides back, and got a trim a few times a year. I even had people comment that I never left my hair down! So, I finally went ahead and got my hair layered. I liked it so much, that I went a little further, and got a perm! I really enjoyed the difference this little switch made. I actually enjoyed styling my hair every morning, and I have fun trying out new looks with curly hair. I started receiving many comments and compliments about my hair, and I felt better knowing that my hair looked good.
A switch that our whole family enjoys is to go camping while on vacation, instead of staying at a hotel. Don’t get me wrong; we still enjoy our hotel stays, but many times we try to go camping instead.  There are so many benefits to this. There’s nothing like waking up and hearing the birds right outside the tent, and feeling the cool morning breeze. Cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill makes for a much more fun dinner than eating out, too! And having unlimited outlets for spending time together-whether it be a hike in the woods, canoeing on the river, birdwatching, or playing kickball in the field. 
Another change that I would really recommend, (yes, we have done this too) is to turn your tv room into a family room. Instead of having  room with the tv as the center of attention, make it a comfortable, cozy room for the family to enjoy each other! Stock it with games and books, make it a place that the family enjoys spending time together. Quality time together is so much better than sitting in front of a tv set for hours on end!
One final switch that I made last year (and I love) was switching to a Mac instead of Windows. I create a lot of powerpoint presentations for the ministry, and the Mac has made it so much easier, while making the presentations look better too! And the graphic abilities, combined with the ease of use, have made me a Mac fan for life!
How about you? Share one switch (or more) that you have made, or would like to make in your life! I’d love to hear what you have come up with!

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  1. We are thinking so much more about our environment. I'll have to admit I wasn't very good about recycling. Now we try to do it as much as possible - aluminum, plastic, newspapers, cardboard. We are also buying more products that are natural.

  2. we switched from having tv to not having tv when everything went digital. We live with a lot of trees around us, so we can't get "free" tv anymore. I really don't miss it, as the news is mostly bad news, there are too many commercials, and junk on tv. We buy/rent and borrow dvds from the library. I get the news from newspaper, radio, and that is enough. My husband misses the "guy" shows, like deadliest catch, dirty jobs, etc., but we can get those on dvd's, or it is a treat when going to a hotel.