Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trudeau Kitchen Products-Review!!

I love finding new kitchen products, and when I found the Trudeau website, I spent quite a while just browsing their store! They have such a huge selection of kitchen tools, gadgets, and gift ideas! So, I was excited when they offered to send me 2 products for review-a set of 3 Mixing Bowls, and an adorable Fondue Set! The mixing bowls come in 2, 3, and 4 quart capacity. There are several benefits with these bowls that I noticed immediately. First, they have a wider handle/grip area, that makes it so easy to control the bowl while mixing! I hate using mixing bowls that just have a small rim around the complete bowl, and you can't get a grip! Second, the base is made for angling. It tilts at the perfect angle, so you can pour the batter into a pan very easily, and with less mess. The pour spout also comes in handy here! I also really like the rubber grip on the bottom of the bowl, that keeps it from sliding all over the counter.

The Iris Chocolate Fondue set is really cute, with a pretty heart design around the stoneware bowl. It comes with a 12 oz. bowl, stand, tea light, and 4 dipping forks. I was honestly amazed at how quickly the chocolate melted, with just a little tea light doing the work! For our first use, I sliced up bananas, and just melted some milk chocolate chips in the fondue. WOW! The whole family loved them! I think we will be pulling this out often, and trying different fruits out. (I think next time I'll try strawberries...mmm!)

Hungry yet?!

"Since 1889, four successive generations have managed Trudeau Corporation, now a leader in its field. The No. 1 supplier of quality Kitchen and Table Products in North America, Trudeau is known throughout the world for its high quality products, excellent import and distribution logistics, and unparalleledCustomer Service.
In the mid 1990s, after over a century in the luxury imports business, Trudeau decided to start manufacturing its own kitchen products and innovate in the research, development, and design of new products.
A team of Canadian, American and European designers create our products. The company's creative department works with partners in industrial design and experienced manufacturers to ensure that the company is always at the forefront of product development.
Our head office, which includes our main showroom and warehouse, is located in Boucherville, Quebec, near Montreal. We also have an office, showroom, and warehouse in Woodridge, Illinois, near Chicago.
Trudeau products are available from retailers in over 40 countries."
Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Trudeau Corp. website.


  1. I've always wanted a fondue set and this one is cute! Also I like that those bowls have a handy pouring spout !

  2. They have very nice products. I really like the bowls. They have so many great features.

  3. The bowls look fantastic! Also - it's great that the chocolate melted quickly! I've tried different fondue sets and sometimes it can take forever!