Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SFF-Adventure Hats Review!!

I know technically the Spring Fashion Fling was supposed to end yesterday, but I had so many great companies and products to share that I just couldn't get to them all! So, with all the companies relating to fashion/apparel we have featured on here, there is one item we have been missing. A very important piece, too...a hat! Every woman needs a new hat this spring, right? :)
I found Adventure Hat online, and was amazed at the great selection of hats they offer-for men, women and children! I received the Cov-ver Clancy Western Leather Hat for review. This is an amazing hat! Made from 100% USA made distressed steer hide leather, it is definitely a western hat. I love the shapeable brim, which allows to try out different looks until you find one to suit your taste. The hat features a brass concho band, and a tie in the back. 

Another neat thing about this hat is that it looks great on both men and women. My brothers are quite jealous, and I let them try it on...but that's it! I told them maybe someday I'll let them wear it :)

"Adventurehat.com is dedicated to bringing you the best hats in the world! We strive to bring you cutting edge styles that won't get in the way of function. That is why we stock the two hat brands that we feel are the best quality and the most innovative. 

n April of 1969 Bill Conner was making and selling all kinds of fine handmade leathergoods. In the beginning, sandals were his most popular item but it wasn't long until his original hats became his most sought after product. Below is an old, torn and faded magazine I found in a shoe box called Earth Garden. It contains early information about Bill Conner and his first published article on leather work. 
I was recently speaking with one of my father's leathercraft teachers form the 60's, Dan Holiday and he said, "young Bill was able to figure out the best way to put a wire in the brim of a leather hat so that it could be shaped, he just had a knack for it." Today his original design and construction method is world renowned and the quality of a B.C Leather hat is still unsurpassed.
With the creation of B.C Leather Hats, Australia's hat industry was revolutionized. Suddenly there was a choice on the market for a new type of functional headwear besides the traditional Fur Felt. In 1988 when Australia hosted the World Expo, B.C. Hats became internationally recognized. And later, in 1993, Bill won the prestigious Exporter of the Year Award for the State of New South Wales. He received this coveted award in recognition for not only creating Australia's original leather hat but successfully bringing it to the world market
Today, B.C. Hats is still a family owned company dedicated to quality, service, and original Australian hats!"

Check out AdventureHat.com today! You'll love the huge selection of hats!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Adventure Hat website.

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  1. What a great hat! Would love it if you got a hat giveaway for us. I am a hat addict of all kinds: berets, caps, newsboy, floppy..