Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Ten Things Children Would Miss! Mars Needs Moms

Okay, here is a really fun opportunity from SocialMoms! What are the top 10 things your kids would miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens?! Obviously this will be a funny post!
So, here we go.
#1 I think what they would miss the most is my baking. Yes, I am known as the baker in our family. Cookies, brownies, from-scratch pies... You name it-if it can be baked, I get asked to make it! Some of our family favorites are mocha pie, peanut butter oatmeal bars and chocolate chip walnut cookies-yeah, I think the kids would miss the treats more than they'd miss me!

#2. I think they would probably miss the games we play together. About 5 nights a week we sit down and play different board, card and party games. I'm always up for learning a new game, and the kids love having me get in on their play time together.

#3 Bike rides! Our whole family loves riding bikes, and because we live in a small town, we can go almost anywhere!  Through the local state park, out on the dirt roads, up and down the hills around town. One of our favorite outdoor activities that they would certainly miss.

#4 Shopping! This one is more with the girls than the boys, although I do enjoy wandering through sporting goods stores too. But, I really like shopping with the girls and finding new outfits or shoes...especially when we can find matching!

#5 Cooking...yes, this is separate from baking. I'm a little more comfortable with trying new baking recipes, but I recently tried a new stir-fry recipe that all the kids really liked.

#6 The kids would miss someone to wake up in the middle of the night when they're sick, scared, or just need someone to hold them. While it seems like a small thing, the little girls especially appreciate having me there to help with whatever they need during the night.

#7 Trying out new hairstyles! The girls enjoy looking at hairstyling books and trying them out on me :) While they don;t always come out just right, the kids have fun and I enjoy the pampering.

#8 Devotions-a big part of our family. Sometimes we enjoy getting up early and spend some time reading the Bible together. It's a special time of discussion and prayer time as well.

#9 Singing :) Yes, our family sings, and while I'm not sure they would miss my stern practice sessions, I know they would miss not having a family sing along anymore. Especially the youngest, who is always singing no matter where she is-the tub, at school, or even wandering through a store!

#10 Lastly, I think something the children would miss is just being a family. Laughing, telling jokes, sharing funny stories or exciting news from their day. It's important that they have a Mom to share things with, whether big or small.

So, what about you? What would your kids miss the most about you? Share them with us, please!

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