Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SFF-Mountain Hardwear Ladies Jacket Review!

While looking for companies to feature during the Spring Fashion Fling, I immediately thought of a company I had done a review and giveaway with last summer. Mountain Hardwear has a wonderful selection of all sorts of camping/hiking/outdoor-type equipment-including apparel! I was sent the Telesto Jacket from their new Spring line for review! The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely color. It’s called Seafrost, and is really pretty! A gorgeous shade of turquoise, with a darker trim. The jacket is lightweight-perfect for the warmer-yet-still-cool weather coming on! It is perfect for my morning jogging and walking around the neighborhood. It has pockets, and I love that they zip up. I have lost too many things out of my pockets while jogging (or playing basketball)! Having the zipper makes it perfect. I also like the elastic in the cuffs. It keeps them from riding up my arm, or sliding down over my hands. The quality of this jacket is clear to see as well. It is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!

"Our brand was founded by a group of passionate people, who on a shoe-string, believed anything is possible, and that anything worth pursuing in life required challenge. The time was NOW! They were in an industry of sameness with a herd mentality, it was time to challenge the way things were being done, a paradigm shift, time to shake it up, and get after it! They believed only through seeking out challenge can you truly achieve greatness in life and the people you serve. They rejected words & concepts like status quo, mundane, the way things are, you can’t do it that way, think realistically. It was time to do it differently, change the rules, because when you are like everyone, you are no one at all. It was a progressive attitude, a free thinking attitude, and a belief that the greatest service to people was to enable them to progress their potential in life, and to do that required passion, big dreams, and the courage to take on challenge. 

In the first 16 years, our brand has been focused on the literal mountain. Climbing to the highest peaks in the world, humbling standing on their summits and celebrating the possibilities realized from pursuing dreams with relentless passion and focus. We have always looked for the next big challenge, the next big climb, the steepest descent, the longest wild run to feed our insatiable appetite to test our resolve, and push beyond our perceived limits and learn a little more about ourselves.

As we learned more about ourselves, grew, and expanded as human beings, and within our culture, we realized standing on the peak didn’t define who we were and our potential; it was the moments of challenge, along the journey that defined us. We celebrate those individuals and are inspired by big dreamers that believe anything is possible.

We build the world’s most technologically advanced products to enable those people who seek out challenge as a way to progress their own potential in life."

Mountain Hardwear has a great selection of other women's apparel- tops, bottoms, jackets, and more!

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Mountain Hardwear website.

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  1. I tlooks like you found a perfect jacket! I really like it. Turqoise is a favorite color of mine. I agree that it is nice to have zippers on the pockets. Nice review.