Saturday, February 26, 2011

Need SAT Tutoring? StudyPoint Can Help!!

With my mother being a former English teacher, I pretty much excelled in all areas of English, Grammar, Spelling, etc. It's one class I always loved, and spelling tests were probably my favorite part of school. And grammar? Don't get me started! Even now, as I read a Church bulletin, or a billboard along the interstate, I catch an innumerable amount of grammatical errors. Without even trying! Seriously, it's like my brain automatically picks these things out. 
However easy and fun English was for me, though, I had a...well...not so loving relationship with Math. The funny thing is, I did okay for the most part...I just didn't like it! So, looking back now, I wish I had known (or rather my parents had known) about StudyPoint. A personalized tutor in math? Oh yeah! Talk about something I would have jumped at in a heartbeat! A tutor could have really helped me with my math struggles. Maybe I would have even enjoyed it! 
StudyPoint was founded in 1999, and right from the start was focused on the needs of families who wanted a higher level of customer service, convenience, and students who would benefit from individualized, one-to-one instruction (that would be me!). Recently, StudyPoint was once again named to the INC 5,000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America. Since inception, the company has helped over 13,000 students nationwide increase their confidence, and achieve higher grades and test scores.

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