Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speck Products for Mac-Review!!

I think I've mentioned before (at least once or twice :) how careful I am with my MacBook. Everyone in the family jokes about how protective I am with it! Well, I found some great products to help keep your treasured MacBook, iPod, iPad, and other devices safe. Speck Products sent me a SeeThru Hard Shell case, and a PixelSleeve. The SeeThru is amazing! Made of a hard plastic, the case comes in 2 pieces. They snap on to the top and bottom of your MacBook, and provide protection from scratches, scrapes, bumps, etc. I have tried hard to keep the aluminum on my Mac from getting scratched, and this case makes me breathe easier! I feel a little safer now when I have to use the internet at a cafe or public place, and even just using it at home. Now the whole body is protected! The cases come in 7 colors, and I received the red. It adds a bright, fun look to my MacBook! (And my little sisters love seeing the Apple light up red!). I highly recommend this hard-shell case to anyone who, like me, is concerned about keeping their MacBook safe and looking like new!

The PixelSleeve is the perfect case when you want (or need) to bring your computer with you, but don't feel like dragging a huge backpack or bag with you. It fits nice and snug around the computer, due to the stretchy neoprene skin. It's easy to carry with a comfortable handle on top, and is small enough to put in your bag if you're traveling. For those who fly a lot, PixelSleeve also has a lay-flat checkpoint-friendly design. The inside of the sleeve is micro-fleece lined, to keep from getting any scratches while carrying the MacBook around.

"Design is about making things better, our interpretation of “better” includes building functionality and personality (an interesting twist) into everything we do. Products don’t need to be boring. Boring products make life boring. That’s not what we do. What we do is create good quality cases (for all sorts of devices) that always have a touch of flair and uniqueness and more fun to own and use. Essentially, we believe that the cases that keep delicate stuff protected can be just as stylish as they are protective!
eople choose certain cases because that case tells the world something about them. The case allows them to express themselves…their style, their personality. Our promise is to offer our customers a good quality case that reflects their unique personality and taste.
Any company can make a black leather case. We think that is predictable, undifferentiated and… “boring”. We make protective cases with attitude and personality. We incorporate into the design some interesting twists that make them unique and even a little surprising. We believe our customers want to protect their devices with a good quality case, but they’d rather do it with a case that is more enjoyable to own and use."

So, if you're looking for some neat cases or skins for your computer, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, GPS, etc. you need to check out Speck Products!

Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Speck Products website.

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