Monday, January 3, 2011

Passport To The World Book Review!!

Ni Hao! (Hello)
Okay, even though this book is for kids, I have to say it is one of the neatest books I've ever reviewed! Passport To The World: Your A to Z Guided Language Tour is written by Craig Froman. This book is an extraordinary journey that takes the reader through 26 different language groups. Each language group is covered on 2 pages, and it shares interesting information about the country featured, a few words from that language, some "Did You Know?" tidbits, and a letter from a "pen pal". M has always loved the Chinese culture (mainly because she loves Gladys Aylward, former missionary to China), so when I showed her this book, she immediately looked for China! (I had to show her that the book is set up alphabetical by language, not she needed to look for Mandarin, not China).  The book also holds a "passport", and there are stickers in the back for your child to place in the passport when they complete their "journey" through that country. This is an absolutely fascinating way to get your children interested in geography and different cultures, or to feed their interest :) I love the pictures included in this book as well. Each of the 26 languages/ countries covered has a picture of a person in native dress, as well as a couple other pictures of food or currency, the country, etc. Like I said, I found this book extremely well-done, and perfect to hold a child's attention. I have always loved reading about different cultures, so I really liked it. M is the same way, and has started speaking different languages since reading this (she's read it through at least 3 times since I got it in!).  I did enjoy the part about the Cherokee, which was featured as a language spoken in North America. Obviously English is much more widely spoken than Cherokee, but I thought it was neat that they discussed a different language and culture than what we all know as American. 
M reading her book
The passport has a nice holder in the front of the book.
M adding the sticker for China to her passport!
The back of the book also has some Fast Facts about each country, as well as a picture of the Flag for each featured country.
You can see some of Passport To The World by clicking here.
Xiexie (thank you) for reading this review, and Zaijian (good bye) till next time! He Ping! (Peace).

"Travel the World in the Comfort of Your Own Home
Here is an out-of-the-ordinary geographic journey of 26 language groups from Armenian to Zulu! Discover various cultures and customs, fill up your passport with stickers from the countries you visit, and learn that children from around the world are often a lot like you!
Did you know:
• The language journey began just over 4,000 years ago at the Tower of Babel.
• There is a huge slab of limestone in Bolivia that has some 5,000 dinosaur footprints.
• A traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Lithuania includes 12 dishes, one for each of the Apostles.
• All Bengali literature was rhymed verse if written before the 19th century.
Passport to the World helps you encounter people and places all over the world, including facts about countries, their capital cities, maps, flags, populations, and religions. This is a fun and fact-filled adventure you can share with others through interactive games included in the back of this book and in your very own passport.
Now, grab your passport and get ready, steady, and go!"

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book for review from New Leaf Publishing Group. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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