Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Ideal Family Getaway!!

Okay, so I have another opportunity to team up with SocialMoms, this time with Alamo. As I love to travel, I was really excited about this post! Don't get me wrong, our family travels A LOT but I never get tired of hitting the road again for some faraway destination :)
So, my ideal family vacation would not be settled in one spot at a theme park or popular resort. No, I would love to take a 2-week vacation spent traveling! It would also have a historic theme. I would start out in Richmond, Virginia. Our first stop would be some of the great Civil War historic sites in the Richmond area. We have visited several of these before, and I really enjoyed them. Being a southerner, I love any and all places related to our great southern Generals...especially Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson! Petersburg, VA is very close to Richmond, and has some great sites as well.
While in Virginia I would visit some other historical sites as well. The Jamestown settlement is a place I have always wanted to visit, but somehow with all our travels through VA, we have never gone.
From Virginia I would like to head to Gettysburg, PA. Again, this is a place I have visited before, but we were in somewhat of a rush passing through, and didn't get time to see it all. There is so much great history here! From Pickett's Charge to the Battle of Little Round Top, and then, of course, President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. So many places to see and learn some of our great nation's history!
From Pennsylvania, I think I would head towards Massachusetts...Boston and Plymouth Rock, to be exact. Talk about a history lesson! I would love to visit the Old North Church, and walk the Freedom Trail downtown. And of course, since my ideal vacation is a History tour (can you tell History was my favorite subject in school?) no trip would be complete without visiting Plymouth Rock. Wow! To actually see the site where William Bradford and the Pilgrims landed back in 1620!
From Massachusetts I would start our homeward journey, with one last stop on the way...Washington, D.C.! Just visiting all 19 of the Smithsonian Museum(s) would take a few days! And we would have to visit all the memorials as well. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, the Holocaust Memorial Museum...the list is endless of places to visit in DC! I would of course also love to visit the White House if we could get in :)
Now, our last stop would be...well...a little (okay, a lot!) out of the way. Yep, my ideal family vacation would include a visit to the Texas Rangers Museum (the law-enforcement Texas Rangers, not the baseball team) and the Alamo, in Texas. There is so much history wrapped up in the great state of Texas, and these 2 sites are my top picks to visit. We actually did tour the Texas Rangers museum many years ago, but it has been updated since then, so of course I am dying to see it now! 

The Alamo has always intrigued me with the bravery of the Americans who gave their lives fighting for freedom. I keep hoping for a trip there, but things never seem to work out. So, I have to dream...
So, after our last stops in Texas, we could head home. A long vacation? Yep! A lot of traveling involved? Certainly! That is almost as much fun as the destination! 
Leave a comment and tell me your favorite vacation plan! Would it be a traveling vacation, like mine? Or do you prefer a bit more restful vacation?! Any other stops you'd add to my list? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. If you go on this getaway, can I come with you??? We especially want to go to Texas and see the Alamo and hope to do so this summer. All the places out East sound fun too.