Friday, December 10, 2010

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Camera Phone Review!

I recently had the opportunity to review the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Camera Phone, and I am very impressed. I love having a camera built in to my cellphone, because that is the one thing I always have with me. I don't always carry a purse with me, so carrying a camera and a phone is just too much. But, I always have my phone clipped to my skirt, so I depend on the phone's camera to capture any pictures. The Vivaz has an 8.1 MP camera, so it's even better than the little point-and-shoot digital camera I bought earlier this year! The pictures come out very clear and crisp. It also offers Hi-Def video recording, so you can record videos and upload directly to Youtube or your blog if you wish! I have actually used the camera to take pictures for my reviews, and the quality is great.

In addition to the built-in camera and video recorder, this phone has an in-phone media player so you can play your favorite songs or videos directly on your cellphone! The Vivaz comes with a 2GB microSD card, but has a slot that supports up to 32GB, so you can turn your phone into an MP3 player as well!
MP3 Player!
I liked the touch-screen feature on the Vivaz, once I got a screen cover to protect from smudges and scratches. Honestly, the only thing I didn't care for on this phone was how much it showed any smudges or fingerprints. Because it's made of a sturdy plastic (which gives it the benefit of being lightweight), any little smudge shows up clearly. It's not a big deal, but I feel like I'm constantly wiping it off!

Nice big numbers!
I would give the Sony Ericsson Vivaz a 5 star rating, because even with the smudge factor, there are so many benefits to it! It gets better reception than my old phone, and picks up a signal in places my other cellphone didn't. Combined with the in-phone camera, video recorder, and media player...I am very impressed, and will be recommending this phone to my friends and family!

"Sony Ericsson Vivaz - Catch life in high definition

The Vivaz is the second instalment in a new family of communication entertainment phones that enters the arena with a wealth of technology and outstanding features.
The Sony Ericsson Vivaz exhibits its prowess with the introduction of high definition video technology, allowing you to instantly record spontaneous moments and preserve memories in HD quality.
With social networking applications at hand the Vivaz also allows you to share these moments on your favourite social networks from Facebook to Picasa to Twitter  instantly.
Additional features of the Vivaz include:
  • 8.1 megapixel camera - Ideal for capturing the world in intricate detail.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - perfect for uploading HD videos to YouTube.
  • 3.2 inch wide screen - great for enjoying movies downloaded via PlayNow
Capture, view and share your life in HD quality with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, the instantly recognisable phone that delivers a compelling phone interaction."
For more information, or to purchase your own Sony Ericsson Vivaz, visit the Sony Ericcson website!

Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Sony Ericsson website

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