Friday, December 3, 2010

Free $25.00 Amazon Gift Card! Read On for Details!

Hi everyone! Have you heard of itsThoughful? It's a place where people can share their gift ideas, and a great website to visit right now! First of all, they're running a Christmas Gift Contest, with a grand prize of $500.00! WOW! But there's more:  if you sign up on itsThoughtful and get 15 people to sign up under you by Dec. 15, you will get a $25.00 Amazon gift card! I'm going to offer 3 extra entries in all of my giveaways running from now til Dec. 15th to any of my readers who sign up under me! To sign up, Click Here.
Then, any of my giveaways you enter, simply add 3 extra comments and tell me you signed up for it'sThoughtful with my link! (I can check to make sure you have, so please be honest).
Thanks for your help!


  1. signed up - debijot 12/3

    Question - Are the 3 extra entries for all contests posted from now through Dec. 15 OR all contests ending before Dec. 15?

  2. The extra entries are for all giveaways already running, AND for all giveaways posted between now and Dec. 15th.