Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fila Toning Resistance Wear Review!

I recently had the opportunity to review an item from the Fila Toning Resistance Collection, and I am hooked! Fila generously sent me a pair of the Resistance Toning Pants, and I am amazed at how just a little resistance can intensify a workout! These pants feature the Fila body toning system technology, which provides moisture wicking in addition to increased muscle workout. (If you know me, you know I don't only wear skirts, so I have been wearing these with a skirt over them). I was a little skeptical about how much this would really improve my workout.  So, I tried wearing them while doing a karate workout. Wow, could I tell a difference! The built-in resistance made me work harder at the stances (try doing a horse stance in these'll really feel the pull), and the kicks! I really enjoy wearing these during all my workouts now. It makes me feel good, knowing that I'm burning even more calories, and getting a more intense workout in my lower body, just by putting on these pants! I have also started wearing them just while going on a walk, or riding my bike. Again, knowing that I'm getting a little bit more out of my exercise feels good! 

Fila also offers resistance toning tanks, capris, shorts and tights, so no matter where you need that extra resistance, they've got you covered! (Literally! :)

"The Fila Resistance Body Toning System is especially engineered, providing targeted maximum support to sculpt and shape you and help you perform better.
-Ergonomic cut lines provide the ultimate toning and slimming effect so you look one whole size smaller
-Lycra Sport fabric smoothes targeted areas and reduces the appearance of cellulite on: Legs, Buttocks, Thighs, Waist, Love Handles
-Flat Seaming designed for comfort and greater range of motion
-4-way stretch provides enhanced performance levels by supporting active muscles, allowing you to work harder and lessening the stress to your body during workouts
-Superior Compression encourages better blood circulation and oxygenation so you can perform better, longer and with less fatigue
-Engineered to create a reduction of post exercise soreness and you are able to increase your rate of recovery
Breathability and moisture management fabrications guarantee that you will always look dry and stay cool."

“Body toning apparel is a natural progression of the recent successes in the toning footwear market,” said Jon Epstein, President of Fila USA.  “We are thrilled to be on the leading edge of this fitness revolution with the first marketable application of an apparel toning collection for the women’s performance fitness market.”

“The Body Toning System stands to completely change the perception of the clothing that we work out in --- for both men and women,” said Freya Tamayo, Fila’s Director of Design. “This women’s collection is such an exciting development in the fitness industry, making exercise apparel an integral part of a woman’s workout that affects her both inside and out. Fila looks forward to working with INVISTA to further refine the collection and to develop new BTS applications for many different sports.”
If you're looking for a way to add some intensity to your workouts, check out Fila's Resistance Toning Collection. You won't be disappointed!
Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Fila website.

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