Thursday, December 30, 2010

AgroLabs Overnight Cleanse & Detox Review!!

Have you ever wanted to use a cleanse or detox system, but didn't feel like stretching the ordeal out for weeks, let alone a month? Well if you have, then I have a product for you! From AgroLabs comes the Overnight 12 Hour Cleanse and Detox System. This system includes a 3 oz. bottle of Acai Triple Strength Cleanse, and 3 oz bottle of Green Envy Triple Strength Detox. This is a simple, 2-step system to get all the benefits of a detox! In the evening, just take the bottle of Acai Cleanse, followed by 16 oz. of water.  The next morning, take the Green Envy Detox, again followed by 16 oz. of water. And that's it! No 4-week program, not even a week-long program. It's an overnight program, and you can have all the benefits that come from cleansing your body. Both of these had a pleasant taste. Again, this is another product I was worried would taste nasty, but my worries were put to rest with the first sip. No, they don't taste like green tea or soda (:P) but they taste good enough that I was able to drink it without a problem. These products work together to help you feel slimmer, energized, and has anti-bloating effects. 

Acai Cleanse Triple Strength:
"We combine all the best from the a├žai berry, pure young green coconut water, green tea, aloe vera, hibiscus, ginger, senna and milk thistle so you feel vibrant and recharged.* When you have proper intestinal and colon function you feel lighter, free to move, and more energized.* For fiber we use a patented proprietary high fiber from the Amorphophallus Propol Konjac root. Just 3g of this fiber becomes 60g of fiber after consumption. You get all the benefits of fiber without the bulk, bloating or discomfort!*"

Green Envy Detox Triple Strength:
"Our premium blend of natural superfoods that aid in total body cellular cleanse which supports digestion, metabolism, and a healthy immune system.* We've packed in all the healthy goodness including barley grass, wheatgrass, green tea, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, cucumber, spinach, kelp, and parsley in a great tasting gentle cellular detox."

AgroLabs also has other great products, including a Daily Detox, Immune Booster, and Wheatgrass Boost. I was also sent a bottle of the Wheatgrass Boost, and this is packed with Vitamins-B3, B6 an B12! It is 100% Wheatgrass juice, it's not diluted or contaminated at all.

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the AgroLabs website.

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  1. Colon cleanse is very much important for good health.Nice post.