Thursday, November 18, 2010

You've Been Sentenced Add-On Decks- Review!

A month or so ago I posted a review of a game called You've Been Sentenced, that had quickly become one of our family's favorite games. Almost every evening (at least 4-5 times a week) we spend some time playing games together, and You've Been Sentenced is the one that the whole family asks to play just about every time! McNeill Designs generously offered to send me the Add-On Decks for YBS, and I was thrilled to have the chance! There are a total of 5 decks; Sports Highlights, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Pop Culture, Gourmet Cuisine, and Reader's Digest National Word Power Challenge deck. The Word Power Challenge is a little unique, in that the cards aren't mixed in with the other YBS set. Instead, you can choose to receive 2 of the WPC cards and 8 regular YBS (normally each player gets 10 YBS cards). These cards have harder, uncommon words on them. So, they're worth more points, but you better hope you know what the word means, or you're in trouble! I enjoy using these, even when I don't know what the word means. Most of them I have heard of before (I do a lot of reading, so that helps); but the words I don't know, we look up in a dictionary so we're ready for the next time they come around. This is helpful for the kids too...they are learning new words, and having fun while doing it!
The other decks all have words and names related to the respective themes. Of course the gourmet cooking deck is a favorite with the girls in the family. Cooking, foods and popular chefs are all featured in it, and let's just say that the words have been used in some pretty wacky sentences! 
The pop culture was an instant hit, with words like "venti" (think Starbucks frappuccinos!), ipod and such. Our family isn't really into sports, so some of those cards were a little harder to use, but still make for some fun sentences. We have driven by the Wrigley Field, so when someone draws a "wild stadium" card, it usually ends up being Wrigley Field. 
The sci-fi, while it had some cards from movies that we have never watched, also has a lot of space-based words, which was fun for my brother and I, since we both like astronomy.
The fun thing with these add-on decks is that while the meaning of the word on the card may be one thing, you can change it into something totally different. For example, in the gourmet cooking one card has American, Swiss, Provolone, etc. for different types of cheese. I was dealt this card, and used it for an American president...instead of American cheese! You've Been Sentenced was a barrel of fun before, but adding these other decks adds a whole new layer of fun to the game!

I remember the wild ingredient was cheese, but I can't remember what the wild card was!

Again...I can't recall what the wild card was!
These pictures should give you an idea of how much fun this game is!

"In recent years, this country has seen a tremendous increase in the “cocooning” behavior of singles, married couples, friends and families alike. A correlating revitalization of the board and card game industry has opened the door for many new games, and has increased sales of the “classics.” Into this marketplace, McNeill Designs is poised to launch a series of innovative board, card, and electronic games “designed to help create brighter minds” and at the same time "attracting brighter minds to the company" utilizing the flagship game “You’ve Been Sentenced!” as its springboard.
From the earliest stages of the firm’s development, McNeill Designs has been committed to using its success to help support important charitable causes. McNeill Designs currently donates a portion of sales of the language game “You’ve Been Sentenced!” to Success Won't Wait, Inc a non-profit organization that helps fight illiteracy through the distribution of books. Using this as a model, McNeill Designs will continue to support a variety of charitable organizations. For each new product developed, the firm is dedicated to finding a new way to give back to the community."

I can't think of another game that our family has become as "addicted" to as You've Been Sentenced. We are going out of town this weekend, and when I asked what games we should bring with us...everyone shouted "You've Been Sentenced!!" Seriously! 

Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the McNeill Designs website.

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