Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wits & Wagers Family Game-Review and Giveaway!!

Well, I already told you all about the Chicago Toy and Game Fair I attended last weekend. One of the new games I discovered while there is called Wits and Wagers Family, and it is a really FUN game! As my brother E and I were strolling through the aisles of CHITAG, I was asked if I'd like to learn how to play a game in just 30 seconds. I was there to try out new games, so of course I jumped at the chance! I was amazed with how easy the game was to play...basic enough so that even a young child could play, yet entertaining enough for adults too! Here is how the game is played: I read a question off one of the cards. Each player (including me) writes down the number we think is correct (everything is done with numbers). After lining our answers up from smallest to largest, we each get to place our Meeples (little wooden people) on the 2 answers we think are correct. The answer is then read, and the player who guessed closest to being correct WITHOUT going over, wins a point. In addition, the players who placed Meeples on that answer also win points. It is a lot of fun, and you even learn some fun trivia while playing! For example, did you know there are 6 colors of Froot Loops? Or that there are 19 different animals in a bag of Animal Crackers?! While learning to play at CHITAG, the question was asked "How many baseball teams participate in the Little League World Series?" I know nothing whatsoever about baseball (except that our family has played it a couple times in the backyard!), but I guessed 15. I was surprised to find that I was (almost) right, and got a point! (In case you're wondering, 16 teams participate). We have played this A LOT just since bringing it home on Saturday, and it looks like it has become a family favorite for sure! One of the things I really like is that even the younger children enjoy playing, because almost all the questions are things that you don't know off the top of your they have as good a chance at winning as the adults! 

The game

Reading the question
Write down your best guess!

"Dominic is the Founder & Co-President of North Star Games. It is because of his great passion for games that he stopped captaining a commercial salmon fishing boat in Alaska to start the most innovative board game company on the planet.

Satish Pillalamarri is the Co-President of North Star Games. He was a cog in the wheel at a New York hedge fund when a life-changing event took place: he became a contestant on Jeopardy! This experience prepared him for his position as the Chief Question Writing Officer at North Star Games.  Inspired by his love for having fun, Satish’s mission is to bring innovative games to every man, woman and child (and the occasional monkey)."

If you're looking for a great gift for the holidays, or need a party game for your holiday get-together, you can purchase Wits and Wagers at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or your local game store!

North Star Games is giving a Wits and Wagers Family game to one of my readers!!

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  1. Hope,

    Thank you for coming to our Chicago Toy and Game Fair and glad you found Wits and Wagers - it is a terrific game! Dominic won the Toy and Game Rising Star of the Year Award that weekend!

    We hope you can join us again in 2011!

    Mary Couzin
    Director of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair