Friday, November 19, 2010

Musicademy Worship Vocal Training Review!

Our family travels a lot, and we visit many different Churches throughout the year. Many times, we are asked to sing a special for the service. None of our family has had any musical training whatsoever, and we manage to sound at least pretty decent most of the time. At times, however, I get frustrated, and wish I had the ability to take voice lessons. (Or piano lessons for that matter-we all sing acapella right now!) So, I was delighted when Musicademy offered to send me the first dvd in their Worship Vocals Course, as well as a Voice Warm-Up cd for review! The dvd includes an introduction to singing, pitch exercises and warm ups, pathway of singing and vocal elevation, simple harmonies, major scale and counting, and much more. I was very impressed and pleased with this dvd! It has really helped me understand how to make my singing sound better, with less strain on my voice! I'm planning on having the rest of the family (those that sing, anyways :) also go through this dvd and practice. Hey, maybe we'll really start sounding good! (Miracles do happen!) I was very excited about the fact that the course uses hymns and Gospel songs for practice. Not jazzy, "contemporary Christian" songs, but nice, Christian music! I have tried finding voice training dvds before, and was hard pressed to find any that didn't use a lot of modern music for practice! 

The Essential Vocals Warm-Up cd includes 26 exercises to increase the range, tone and power of your voice.  There is a great range of breathing, warm up, diaphragm development, and vocalization exercises on this disc. It is perfect for practice at home, in the car (as long as you're riding alone :) and even a quick warm-up right before you sing! I like that this cd is something that I, as a beginner, can use and get a lot of help from. Yet, it's also great for advanced, or professional singers too! Everyone needs to warm up their voice, so this is a cd that I will always have use for.

Musicademy also offers learning tools for guitar, keyboards, bass and more!

"Musicademy established a UK music school in 2003. Progressing from live lessons in contemporary instruments, our worship guitar DVDs were launched in 2005 quickly followed by worship instructional DVDs in vocals, keyboard, bass and drums. Receiving international acclaim, the DVDs now sell all over the world and Musicademy tutors are frequently to be found running seminars at worship conferences and for individual churches.
Our online lessons, website resources and blog are a natural development of our desire to facilitate the quality of musicianship in churches across the world."

I highly recommend Musicademy if you're looking for a good Christian voice training program! Check out their website for more information on the dvds and cds available, as well as some free resources! As well, they are offering 15% off any order! Simply enter HOPESCAFE during checkout!

Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Musicademy website.

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