Monday, November 29, 2010

Honest Tea Review!!

I am a huge fan of green tea, and I am always looking for new flavors to try. Recently I was given the opportunity to try some Honest Tea Organic Tea varieties, and they were delicious! I received a bottle each of Mango Green Tea, Honey Green Tea, and Half-and-Half (half tea, half lemonade). My favorite was the Mango Green Tea. On top of the already tasty green tea flavor, there is a yummy, fruity zing as well! The mango really adds a whole new layer to green tea! I tasted this one as soon as it came in, but after letting it chill in the fridge for a while, it really made for a refreshing drink!
The Honey Green Tea is a regular green tea, made with a little bit of honey for an extra touch of sweetness.  I love the flavor of this one as well! 
The Half-and-Half is a mixture of organic tea and lemonade. I have had a different brand of tea/lemonade mix before, but it was almost too strong. The Honest Tea variety, however, had the perfect blend...not too sweet, not too sour. This seems like it would be the perfect beverage for a summer afternoon! 
I will be drinking Honest Tea more often now! Green tea is my second favorite drink (right behind water!); so I will enjoy trying out all the different teas, and their other tasty-sounding beverages! 

"People had always told Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, that he drank a lot of liquids. An active person, Seth Goldman was continually in search of the perfect drink to quench his thirst after a run, a game of basketball or between grad school classes. Yet, Seth found most drinks either too sweet or too tasteless.
Barry Nalebuff, one of Seth's business school professors, found that he and Seth shared a passion for the idea of a less sweet, but flavorful beverage during a class discussion that involved a Coke vs. Pepsi case study. They agreed that there were tons of sugary sweet options and lots of new waters, but there was nothing in between to fill the void. 
Fast forward to '97, Seth goes for a run in New York City with an old classmate, nicknamed Juice Master Zeus, who used to concoct juice drinks with him after class. They found themselves doing the same after the run, combining several different beverages to cut the sweet and intensify the flavor. Seth knew then that if he was going to quench his thirst for good, he would have to create the drink himself. He e-mailed Barry to see if he was still as excited about the idea as he had been in class. 
Timing was everything. Barry had just returned from India where he had been analyzing the tea industry for a case study. Among other things, he learned that most of the tea purchased for bottling by American companies was the lower quality dust and fannings left after quality tea had been produced. Barry had even come up with a name to describe a bottled tea that was made with real tea leaves - Honest Tea. When Seth heard the name, the bells started ringing - it was the perfect name to fit an all-natural brand that would strive to create healthy and honest relationships with its customers, suppliers and the environment. 
Seth took a deep breath, quit his job at the Calvert Group, and started brewing batches of tea in his kitchen. Five weeks after taking the plunge, he brought thermoses of tea and a bottle with a mock-up label to Fresh Fields (Whole Foods Markets). During that meeting, the order came for 15,000 bottles, and so did the heavy pause as Seth's mind raced, trying to figure out how they would produce that much tea. They were, at that moment, in the tea business. Honest."

So, next time you're looking for a healthy alternative to a sugary soda, check out Honest Tea! (Pssst! I'll be hosting an Honest Tea giveaway next month, so keep an eye out!!)

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Honest Tea website.

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