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Drive Thru History DVD Series Review!!

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Day 25!!

I know what you're saying..."Who would want history dvds for a gift?" Let me tell you....if it was the Drive Thru History dvds, I would jump at the chance for that gift!! Being a history lover myself, though, I know you can't just take my word for it. But, considering our whole family-from the 9 year old up to the adults, (yes, even the teenagers) loves this history program, I think you'll realize there's something unique about these.  Hosted by Dave Stotts, this American History Series shares America's REAL know, our Christian heritage and foundation. Our heritage that seems to be disappearing from many history textbooks in recent years. Too many history books and programs leave out so many facts about America's founding fathers, and their Christian beliefs. Not the Drive Thru History series though! So, that is a big plus. 
But, while that would be enough to keep me interested, younger children and people who maybe aren't so "in to" history might need a little more incentive. Like, maybe, a very entertaining host! And some odd costumes...accents...jokes...Dave Stotts has all that and so much more! Seriously, there are times during an episode that the kids are literally laughing hysterically! (Not just the kids either...I won't mention the more mature member of our family that so enjoyed the "Uncle Davy" act that he went out and bought a pair of hillbilly teeth!)  And just seeing a can of cheese spread will have the family laughing about Dave Stotts, "Uncle Davy', France and croissants! (You have to watch these to get the jokes).  Okay, if you don't believe this 3 minute video:
What I love most about the Drive Thru History series is that while they are funny, and Dave Stotts does an excellent job of keeping even the youngest children's attention, they also really bring history to life! Historical events aren't just names and dates in a book anymore...instead, you've actually seen Old North Church...felt the danger and adventure with Paul Revere and William Dawes during their midnight ride. The Crossing of the Delaware isn't just a neat you understand the suffering these men endured, all because they believed that men should be free.
Like I said, I love history, and I read a lot of books about America's history and founding fathers. But after watching this series, I have a new appreciation for what it took to build this great nation. As we watched the episodes about the Revolutionary War, the family was amazed at how many "little" details aided in the Americans ultimate triumph. For instance, the time when a British general failed to follow orders and help reinforce the failing British troops...thus leading to Washington's victory. Or how the American militia "happened" to catch Major John Andre, who was conspiring with Benedict Arnold. Did you ever stop and think about what could have happened during the Revolutionary War? I know I'm wandering here, but seriously, Drive Thru History really makes you think about things like this! 
So, after saying all that...I can't recommend a better history series, or a better gift! Buy one, and after watching it, I know you'll agree with me. If you Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts, you'll come to appreciate America, and see God's Hand in her development, like never before.

"From ColdWater Media and your highly-entertaining host Dave Stotts comes a new Drive Thru History series on American history.  See first-hand some of the places where our founding fathers risked their lives to shape this great nation.  Join us for a journey packed with information and fun as we discover the story behind The United States of America.  It will be an adventure you find yourself watching over and over with the kids."

Disclaimer:I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review. I did receive the Drive Thru History American History Series for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. All quotes taken from the Drive Thru History website.

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