Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Tips for Fashionable Looks-Everyday!

While I'm sharing my thoughts about various subjects, I'm going to discuss how I enjoy adding a little fashion to my day...everyday! 
1. Shop!  I enjoy shopping consignment stores and ladies clothing store clearances. I have found some really great buys on fabulous, brand-name clothing that way! Even when it's just a day around the house, I like to look nice, and while my family complains that I have too many clothes...I'm always on the lookout for more. After all, a girl can never have too many outfits, and I need a variety to choose from!
2. Be prepared to tailor something to fit your personal preference. Many times, I end up changing a little something on skirts and dresses that I purchase. A lot of times I like to add a lace edge around the hem, or find a matching fabric and attach a ruffle to the skirt. 
3. Shop for clothing when it's out of style, or the wrong season. It's easier to find, and lower in price, too! During the cool fall and winter months, I like wearing those sweaters with attached collar and cuffs. I don't know why, but I love the way they look! Something about pairing the sweater with a dressy black skirt and dress shoes makes me feel ready to go anywhere!
4. Keep an eye out for any hairstyles you like, and try doing it yourself! I love trying new hairstyles. I recently got a perm, and I am enjoying all the new curly styles I can make! I used to just do ponytails most of the time, but now I am experimenting with all different styles and looks.
5. Try sewing your own clothes, or if earn if you don't know how. It gives a lot of freedom for making your own looks! I sew a lot, and enjoy making the perfect outfit. Whether it's a skirt that I saw and really liked the design, or something I thought up myself, I have a lot of fun putting together an outfit. One of my all-time favorite skirts is a pattern I made up myself, in a beautiful brown and blue striped material. I paired it with a tan and blue blazer, and wow does it look good!
6. Although this doesn't really have to do with looks, adding a splash of perfume makes me feel better. Not only do I look nice, but now I smell nice! And just knowing that makes me feel more confident as I go about my day.
7. Shoes. I know, what girl doesn't collect shoes? I have slowly become one of "those" type of girls :)
From being a 2-pairs-of-shoes-girl, I now have sneakers, sandals, boots, a couple pairs of dress shoes, crocs, and who knows what else! Again, I need a variety to choose from! One pair of shoes won't match every outfit, so I like having different colors and styles on hand for every need.
8. Jewelry is a biggie when trying to look your best. Again, this is another "new" for me, but I am becoming a jewelry collector of sorts. One of my favorites is a delicate silver and blue name bracelet. This is one of those pieces that only matches a few select outfits...but when I put it on, it makes a nice outfit look great! I am always on the lookout for a new bracelet, necklace or ring to complete a certain look.
9. Your purse or handbag can make or break your look! My favorite purse is a black leather that will pretty much go with just about anything I wear. But, having a variety of handbags makes it easy to make sure you're not going to clash when preparing for a day out!
10. Don't be afraid to be yourself when choosing your clothing! I personally don't really keep an eye on what "they" are doing, wearing, etc. I decide what I like, what fits in with my personal tastes, and go for it! I'm not into bright, bold, colors for my clothing, so I don't have to wear something I don't like if celebrities suddenly start wearing them.

I hope these tips are a help for you. While I'm not hugely into the fashion and style of celebrities and such, I have a lot of fun trying out new looks, and making sure I look as nice as possible. If you have any hints for me, please feel free to share!

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