Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pacifica Perfume Review!

Spectacular Gift Shopping Guide!!!

Day 17!!

What woman doesn't like perfume? It makes the perfect gift, whether for a special occasion, or just to say I Love You. Pacifica Perfume offers some lovely fragrances, and I was given the opportunity to review one. I received the California Star Jasmine, and let me tell you, this is a beautiful scent! It is very feminine, with a light floral aroma. It's strong enough to linger for hours, yet not overpowering. The perfume comes in a very pretty bottle that just adds to the special presentation. This has quickly become the perfume I reach for most frequently...both for Church and special events. Or even just for everyday, to make my day a little prettier!

"Fun, fresh and fantastic, Pacifica Spray Perfume is made with natural, pure grain alcohol (corn-sourced and gluten-free) and Pacifica's signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. Dreamy with notes of star jasmine, orange and faint driftwood."

Pacifica Perfume was founded by Brook Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor.

"Today, Pacifica is a breath of fresh, ocean air in the world of fragrance. Heralded from the beginning for the unique nuance and *complexity of their blends, Pacifica fragrances are authentic expressions of the couple’s belief in beautiful scents to experiment with *and wear every day. Most of all, Pacifica is an expression of the pure joy of being alive. With an intense respect for the inspiring power *of fragrance, Brook and Billy are honored to know that their products carry genuine happiness into their customers’ hearts and homes *and linger in their fondest memories."

Next time you're shopping for that perfect gift, check out Pacifica Perfume! They have an abundance of lovely fragrances, offered in a variety of shapes and sizes...from perfume to candles to skin care products!

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