Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keetsa Pillows Review!!

Spectacular Gift Shopping Guide!!!

Day 3

Today we just have a review, but this company offers some spectacular pillows that I personally think would make a great gift!  My Mom loves pillows of all kinds, and sometimes it seems like she collects them, she has so many! So, I mean it when I say these pillows would be the perfect gift for some people :)

"Keetsa is committed to presenting a line of sleep products that has a minimum impact on your pocketbook and on the environment.  We have innovated many changes resulting in a more eco-friendly product line and process. Keetsa continues to seek out new innovations to create sleep products that you and your family can purchase with confidence.  Here are our current eco-friendly innovations."

I was sent 2 pillows to review from Keetsa; the Latex Pillow and the Soft Dual-Comfort Pillow.  Both pillows are great. I have ended up using the Latex pillow the most for sleeping. It is the perfect thickness (for me, anyways :) and very resilient. It molds around my head, and helps support the neck, which relieves any possible stress or aches.  I love it!  I also enjoy the jumbo queen size-30x18!

I have also used the Dual-Comfort pillow quite a bit. This pillow is unique in that it has one side of memory foam, and the other side is filled with recycled fiber. This pillow is super-supportive, and molds into just about any shape you want or need! I use this one a lot when I want to prop up in bed and read. It gives excellent support, and is so soft and comfy to lean back on!

I definitely recommend Keetsa pillows if you're on the lookout for a unique gift for someone. I know my Mom would love a gift like this, and I'm sure someone you know would too! Keetsa also offers mattresses, sheet sets and more, so be sure to check them out!

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