Friday, October 22, 2010

Bonus Entries for Spectacular Gift Shopping Guide Giveaways!!

Wanna find out how to get extra bonus entries in my giveaways? Read on!
My fellow blogger Lori from At The Fence is participating in the Bake For the Cure Baking Contest, sponsored by ACH Foods and Susan G Komen. The blogger with the most comments on their recipe posts wins a really nice prize. Sooo, here's what we can do to help her: There are 6 recipe posts on her blog. Each recipe you comment on gives you one extra entry into each of my giveaways (running right now). But, if you comment on all 6 recipes, I'll give you 10 entries, not just 6! So, if you comment on all 6 posts, that gives you 10 bonus entries in each and every giveaway I have running right now! The baking contest ends Monday, so these entries are only good if you comment on the recipes by midnight, Sunday (10/24). After commenting on At The Fence's recipes, come back and leave 10 comments on whichever giveaways you'd like (all of them, if you want!). I will be checking to make sure you really commented though, so no cheating please! And to make it easy, here are the links to all 6 recipes:

Remember-1 extra entry per recipe you comment on, or 10 extra entries if you comment on all 6!

Thanks guys! Let's help At The Fence win this!!!
By the way, while there, you can also enter her giveaway for a $15.00 Starbucks gift card!

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