Thursday, September 16, 2010

Light Affection Unique Photo Gifts-Review!!

Light Affection offers some of the most unique (and neat!) photo gifts I have ever seen. They take your photo and turn it into a one-of-a-kind photo light! 

Here's how it works:You send Light Affection a photo of your choice (email, or you can mail in if you have a print). Using a unique technique, Light Affection carves a piece that then is turned into either a complete lamp or a night light. When you turn the light on, your photo appears and glows brightly, bringing out the fine details!

Is that neat, or what?!
Seriously, I was amazed when I found their website. I contacted Light Affection to see if they would sponsor a review on my blog, and they generously sent me a night light made with the photo of my choice!

I used a picture of my little sister with the daughter of a very good made for an adorable night light that I love!  It is very well made, so it will last a long time I'm sure! The carved piece is made of blended natural materials and polymer, so it won't crack or change with time-extremely durable! This is one of the neatest photo gifts I have ever seen. I can't get over how beautiful and detailed this night light is! Definitely a one-of-a-kind piece!

The Light Affection comes with an energy efficient light bulb that makes it low-cost to run the light...even if you leave it on all day!  My sisters are loving the night light, and even want it on during the day, so this is a great benefit! I also like that the bulb doesn't get hot after it's been on for a while. No danger of a child burning themselves on a hot light bulb :)

I would definitely say that Light Affection has some of the neatest photo gifts you could find. Great quality, too! One of my favorite things about their products is that they are something you'll actually after day. It is not a gift you'll give and never see used, that is for sure! And if you buy one for yourself, I know you will find yourself turning your special photo light on time after time!
I highly recommend you check out Light Affection today!

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