Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Night Light Review!

Photo Night Light is an amazing company that offers a unique product: a night light with your photo on it! I was amazed when I found this website...they are so beautiful! Here's some background information about the company:

"My wife is a self proclaimed lighting nut. She always loved night lights and any other lighting instruments that created a beautiful atmosphere. I am a professional photographer and cinematographer, addicted to capturing and preserving memories. It's no wonder that together, with the inspiration of our first newborn daughter, Lily, we came up with the idea for the Photo Night Light.  Our concept is simple: create a quality product that will make people happy and we would want for ourselves, employ good people and pay them well, listen to our customer's ideas and requests, and keep growing and improving.
We are based in a small mountain community in California called Frazier Park. We also like to take trips, find new and exiting emerging artists and hand pick photos and art work for our upcoming catalog."

They also give some information about how the night lights are made, which I found very interesting:
"We treat your cherished photograph or art work with the respect it deserves. First we turn your photo or art work into a high quality transparency, staying true to the original colors, contrast and framing. Your transparency is placed between two acrylic pieces, to protect it and ensure proper light distribution.
Our carpenters then craft the frame from beautiful Oak wood, paint it or stain it to order and glue it together to a superb finish. We do not use nails or staples." 

Photo Night Light graciously offered to send me one of their products for review. I emailed a photo, and got to choose what color I would like for the frame. There are 15 hand-painted wood frame colors available! I picked the Cherry Stain (I love cherry wood color!).  You also get to choose which frame orientation you need, so if your outlets are upside-down or sideways, they can still build the photo night light to work with the outlet! When I received my photo night light, I was thrilled! It is so beautiful! My 2 little sisters love having a night light with a picture of them and their best friend on it!
Light Off...    

Light On!

I love the beautiful wood framing the makes the photo even more lovely! It is very sturdy and well made.
These would make a great way to memorialize a special event or just a family picture. I know your child would love to have one of these gorgeous photo night lights in their room! So go check out Photo Night Light today! They are offering free shipping on orders of 2 or more lights right now!

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