Friday, August 13, 2010

Eden Home Latur Bowl Review!

Okay, this company is a really nice one! Eden Home offers a complete selection of organic, all-natural and eco-friendly products for you and your home!

"Most people do not realize how cotton is grown, processed and finished. As many as 2000 different chemicals are used in the textile industry! Those chemicals are often left on the fabric and then transferred to you or your baby when absorbed through the skin.

Unfortunately, many of the so-called "organic" and "natural" products sold today are either not truly pure or not beautiful. So we started Eden Home to offer healthy choices ranging from organic clothes for baby to natural bath towels, from organic cookware to all natural shampoos.

The Garden of Eden was created to be lovely and beautiful, perfect and pure. At Eden Home our mission is to offer the purity of organic without losing the beauty, whether you're looking for organic bedding, clothes for baby, natural bath towels or organic cookware and more."

I was able to choose a product from the organic clothes or home decor categories. This worked out great, because I really wanted to try out the Latur Oval Shaped Natural Bowl with Handles. This bowl is made entirely by hand, using the ancient art of sand casting. This is done by pouring premium quality alloy molten aluminum into sand molds, then going through four levels of polishing! Wow! This bowl looks great as a table centerpiece holding fruit, but it also can be used in the oven! This is a great quality bowl that looks like it will last for a good long time. (My only problem is keeping it away from my sister...she keeps trying to steal it!)

The bowl is a nice size to bake something in or, as I said, to use as a centerpiece. I like the fact that I can bake in it, and then use it as a serving dish too! No need to transfer the food from a baking pan into a serving dish...this is a 2-in-1! It's elegant enough to use for company :)

The handle design.

I definitely recommend you check out the great selection of eco friendly products at Eden Home. They have everything from baby clothes, to pajamas, kitchen wares, bath products, bedding, and more!

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