Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freestyle Watches Review!

Freestyle Performance Timing is a great company with watches for people involved in an active lifestyle/sport.

I was sent the Submersion Mid Watch in Silver for review. This is a really nice-looking watch with a hidden secret-it is a dive watch that is depth rated to 200 metres!  While it may look like just a stylish silver watch, it's useful too!  The watch has time and date on it, and also has a electroluminescent backlight!  I never realized how often I would use a light on my watch...seriously, you don't think it would be something that gets a lot of use, but it does!

Isn't it pretty?!

The watch is very well-made.  Again, it looks pretty, but it is sturdy enough to wear even while participating in a sport or activity.  I also like the size of the face, as it makes it easier to read than an average ladies watch.

Yes, I tested it out "underwater"...

Still running!

Honestly, I really like this watch. Who wouldn't? It's stylish, strong, and is water resistant!  What more can you ask for in a watch?!

"Women’s performance dive watch with an edge. Don’t let the Submersion fool you, it’s a full blown dive watch depth rated to 200 meters. Like all Freestyle Watches, The Submersion Mid is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 200 meter water resistance."

This watch also comes in Silver and Blue, and just Blue.

Freestyle also sells many other styles of ladies watches, as well as watches for men. They even have Freestyle Eyewear, too!
So, if you need some nice sunglasses or a great new watch, check out Freestyle Performance Timing!
Or, if you want to find a store nearby to go look at their selection of Freestyle Watches, go to the Freestyle Dealer Locator page!

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