Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canvas On Demand-Review!!

Canvas On Demand is a great place if you're looking for the perfect way to "keep" a memory!  They take your photos, and turn them in to an absolutely beautiful canvas print. From an 8"x10" all the way up to 40"x60", you can have a gorgeous canvas print of your favorite photo.  You can decide whether you want a gallery wrap, or from a few different frame choices.  There are also options for changing your color photo to B/W, PixelPainting your photo, which makes it look like an oil painting, and more!  And it is so easy, too!  All you do is choose your framing option, upload your photo, and Canvas On Demand will quickly get your photo turned into a lovely canvas print.

I was able to review a 16"x20" Thick Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. I sent in a picture of my parents from a vacation a couple years ago. I love the picture, and was glad for an opportunity to get it where it could be hung on the wall.  I was expecting it to be nice, but when I received the canvas print, I could not believe how great it looked! Very very clear and crisp! The colors stand out, and it almost makes you feel like you're really there in the picture!  Very high quality, too! The canvas print comes with the hardware and instructions for hanging it up. I was impressed with the great customer service at Canvas on Demand as well.  Within a very short time of placing my order, I received a call to let me know that to make the print look it's best, the photo would need cropped.  I was asked what I would like cropped, etc., and the print turned out great with their advice!
Here's a picture of my really doesn't do the print justice. The camera flash sort of destroys the crispness of the color on my print.

Isn' it cute?!

Here is some information about the company...
"Who are we? We are Joe Schmidt and Tom Lotrecchiano, co-owners of Canvas on Demand. We are great friends and remarkably compatible business partners. Both of us are quite involved in our business. We enjoy talking to and listening to our customers. We monitor operations and personally review canvases everyday. We have surrounded ourselves with a staff of professional people who genuinely care about others. As a team, we work diligently to gain and maintain customer respect. We are proud of what we do and how we do it. And we are grateful that you have chosen us to create your artwork.

What do we do? We take your prized photograph and transform it into an amazing canvas work of art. You have two rendering options to choose from. You can select PhotoRealistic, bringing your photo to full life even more vivid than the original, or BrushStroke, which appears to have been produced by delicate strokes of an artist's brush. Additionally, you have two primary finishing options. The canvas can simply be stretched and framed to your specifications, or it can be Gallery Wrapped, stretching the canvas over a wooden frame so that the edges of the material are drawn around it."

So, whether you're looking for a special gift for someone, or you just want your favorite photo turned into a beautiful canvas print, I definitely recommend checking out Canvas on Demand.  You'll be very pleased with the quality of your print, as well as the helpful customer service. Canvas on Demand is the 
perfect way to commemorate a special event (wedding, anniversary, family reunion, etc.) too!

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