Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boca Beth (Teach your Child Spanish) Review!

"Boca Beth products feature a true bilingual presentation where English and Spanish are presented side-by-side."

I received several products for review from Boca Beth. We have several Spanish friends, so it is natural that the children are interested in learning to speak Spanish; especially my 9 year old sister.

Since M is the only one in the age group Boca Beth is targeted for, she got the fun of trying out the products!  She watched the "I Like Animals" dvd first.  This is a fun dvd that helps kids learn Spanish...along with other kids on the dvd!  M enjoyed learning the names of all the different animals in Spanish.  The dvd also includes songs/music videos for instruction.  The one thing I noticed with this dvd is that sometimes it got confusing trying to remember the Spanish words...some parts of the dvd had several repetitions and the English/Spanish words together, while other parts didn't.  I also didn't care for a couple of the songs on here that were too jazzy for's easy to just skip over those, though, and M really enjoyed the rest of the dvd.
M also had fun with the Mi Casa/My House Coloring and Activity book.  She loves to color, and this combined the fun of coloring with the experience of learning new Spanish words such as Hola, toy, teddy bear, butter, eggs, strawberries, and also the numbers 1-10.  This book includes many basic words that are foundational to learning a new language.  Shapes, colors, foods, number and more!  I loved that the book has the English and Spanish words right next to each other, along with a picture, so it makes it fun and easy for children to remember the Spanish translation.  This was M's favorite out of the products I received (and mine too :)
Here's a picture of one of the coloring pages (I picked one M hadn't colored yet so it's easier to see).

Last (but not least!) M listened to the Sing Praise cd.  This cd has a total of 7 songs- 5 original bilingual Christian songs written by Beth Butler (aka Boca Beth), and 2 traditional Latin American songs remixed with a bilingual twist!  This cd is a fun way of learning Spanish...children (and adults) seem to remember so much better when the lesson is in song form.  Personally I didn't care for the last song on the cd, (again, a little too jazzy for us).  Otherwise, though, this was a lot of fun to listen to :)

"Beth Butler is a bilingual educator of young children and strives to create better communication within our increasingly diverse society. She is the founder of the internationally acclaimed BOCBETH language learning series which has garnered various parenting awards including but not limited to the following: 2008 Editors' Choice Award/Family Review Center, Learning Magazine 2007 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family, Best Educational Product of the Year (2005 & 2006) –Parent to Parent/Adding Wisdom Award. 
Ms. Butler lived in Chile and Mexico, then spent more than 15 years in preschool and elementary school classrooms.  She has written and recorded four bilingual music CDs in Spanish and English, produced three bilingual educational movies and four children's music videos, published a bilingual language learning book and speaks nationally with parents and educators - encouraging second language learning through her music and movement fun."

Boca Beth is targeted for children from babies up to 8 years old (and yes, your toddler can learn Spanish just as well as English-so start early!)

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