Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Patriotic Pillow Pets Review & Giveaway Coming Up!!

Okay, if you read my last review about Pillow Pets, you know how much I like them...and now Pillow Pets has a new Patriotic Puppy! Isn't he adorable?! His belly is blue with white stars :)
I can't wait to get mine in!

This limited edition Patriotic Pillow Pet is available through the month of July from a website designed just for this occasion:
And, for each Patriotic Pillow Pet you buy, Pillow Pets donates 5.00 to Scholarships For Military Children!

Here's some info from yesterday's press release about the new Patriotic Pillow Pets:
"Your heart beats true for the red, white and blue and your child’s heart pumps for My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals. This Fourth of July, honor those who serve your country and your child with the purchase of a special, limited edition My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animal with $5.00 of the cost donated to Scholarships for Military Children, an organization that provides scholarships to the children of military personnel. 
The Scholarships for Military Children Program is primarily funded through the generosity of manufacturers and suppliers whose products are sold at military commissaries, worldwide. Military families are encouraged to take advantage of their commissary benefits that not only provide a savings of more than 30 percent on the products purchased, but also support the military community through programs such as this scholarship.  My Pillow Pets® is proud to be a supporter of Scholarships for Military Children.
A unique website has been created for these special, patriotic My Pillow Pets®- Only 3,000 of the limited edition My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed dogs are available at a price of $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping & handling.
Made of ultra-soft chenille, My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals are much more than a snuggly toy. With a strap that closes underneath to transform the pillow into a friendly pet, they are an ideal travel pal, naptime buddy and all-around cuddly friend. My My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals are available in 20 different animals including jungle animals, farm critters and sea creatures, in addition to this limited edition Fouth of July dog, and are machine washable.
For more information about My Pillow Pets® plush folding stuffed animals, please visit"

Keep an eye out...I'll be posting the review and giveaway for this limited edition Patriotic Pillow Pet by mid-July!

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  1. this is awesome. And I love any company that donates to the military!