Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Level 8 Cases Review!

Okay, these are the nicest laptop cases/backpacks I've ever seen! Level 8 Cases are designed exclusively for MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad. I recently got a 15" MacBook Pro, and of course, an average computer backpack just doesn't provide enough protection for my new baby! (Seriously, my family teases me about how protective I am of the MacBook).

All of the Level 8 Cases have a very stylish, sleek design that perfectly complements your Apple product. (After all, who wants to put their MacBook in just any old bag?)

Level 8 Cases graciously sent me the backpack designed for 15" and 17" MacBook/MacBook Pro. The Level 8 Cases have a very unique protection system. The padding is made of 3-dimensional EVA foam (not just your normal laptop bag padding), and is the same thickness on both sides of your MacBook! I've never understood the laptop backpacks that only really cushion one side, with just a very thin padding on the other side. That's not a problem with this backpack!

It also has lots of pockets for all your extras, and even a specific iPod/iPhone pocket. There is a plenty of room in this backpack for all the extra equipment I usually carry (2 external hard drives, a cooling pad, all my cords, etc.).

The shoulder straps are cushioned and wide enough so they don't slide off my shoulders (I can't stand skinny shoulder straps).  The handle and straps are also very durable, so they won't just rip out. (Yes, I had that happen once with my old backpack/laptop. Thankfully, nothing broke.)

The cases are all checkpoint friendly, so it's great to use when flying.
I love the versatility of this backpack, too. I can use it whether I'm traveling, stopping in at Panera Bread to check my emails, or just need a safe place to put my MacBook Pro while in the house.

So, my thoughts about Level 8 Cases? I love them! I honestly am impressed with the backpack I was sent for review. It is well worth the cost ($99.00), and I expect to be using mine for a long time!

Level 8 Cases are only available at Apple stores and online at Apple (and soon at the Level 8 Cases website). Check them out today!


  1. I was given one for my birthday from my wife, and it's AWESOME!!

  2. I can not tell you how much I like the protection in my case. This backpack is Awesome!

  3. Just got one today....traveling to Atlanta next week and hope to have a great report. So far; it's a dandy bag with just the right amount of features/functionality.