Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kettle Worx Review Part 1

I know your first question, so I'll ask it for you (and answer it too)!

"What Is KettleWorx?
KettleWorx is a complete home fitness program based entirely on kettlebell training. The complete KettleWorx system includes ten DVDs, training in 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettlebell instruction and a healthy eating guide. The KettleWorx program results in a remarkable body transformation after just six weeks, and requires only three 20-minute workouts per week."

I had never even heard of Kettlebells before, so naturally my next question was:

"What Is A Kettlebell?
Best described as a cannonball with a handle, this traditional fitness device was first used by athletes over 2000 years ago in Greece, where the kettlebell is thought to have originated. It has since been used by athletes, trainers and 'strongmen' in many cultures and countries. Sometimes mistakenly called a "Russian kettlebell" the kettlebell has in fact been used in the United States for over 200 years. While it is only now regaining popularity among mainstream fitness enthusiasts, the kettlebell has been a staple of firefighters and U.S. military personnel (especially Navy Seals and Special Forces) for many decades."

When I first heard of KettleWorx, I was skeptical.  You hear about so many exercise programs that are "the best", you just aren't sure what to believe!  So, I went looking for more information on the KettleWorx website.

"What Makes KettleWorx So Much Better Than Other Programs?
By combining a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session, KettleWorx delivers three times the benefit in one-third the time. Just 20 minutes, three times a week delivers a whole body workout - for whole body fitness in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of any other program.

Is KettleWorx Equally Effective For Both Men And Women?
Unlike many fitness programs, KettleWorx is designed to be an ideal, all-around fitness program for both men and women. The central theme of KettleWorx - whole body fitness via 20-minute workouts that combine cardio, core and resistance training - is equally important, and valuable, for both men and women. Of course men and women can choose to work with different kettlebell weights. Each can also customize their program based on a selection of complementary workouts contained in the Ultimate Body Collection and on the two bonus DVDs. But the program as a whole is gender-neutral. Both men and women find it equally enjoyable, equally challenging and equally beneficial. It can even be enjoyed by couples working out together!"

And I was amazed when I read this: "In order to burn the same number of calories on a treadmill as are burned in one, 20 minute KettleWorx routine, you would have to spend over one hour on a treadmill working at moderate intensity."  That is amazing!

I was sent the KettleWorx Ultra 10 package.  This set comes with the Six Week Body Transformation dvds, Ulitimate Body Sculpting Collection, Fast Abs dvd, Fast Fat Burn dvd and Fat Free in 42 (an e-book), and includes a free 10 lb. Kettlebell.

I started my Kettleworx workout by using the Kettleworx Cardio!  Talk about a good, aerobic workout!
I do the Cardio on Monday, Resistance on Wednesday (just got done with it, as a matter of fact), and Core on Friday.  And on the days in between, I choose either the Fast Abs or Fast Fat Burn dvd and do a 10 minute workout!  Or, I can pick one of the Ultimate Body Sculpting Collection dvds and work on a certain area with that!
I am now into my second week of the 6 week program, and I have to say...this is my favorite exercise program that I've ever used!  It's intense, and works all your muscles in one need for multiple machines/programs to exercise different areas of the body.  And you can actually feel it working!

So, if you're looking for a great exercise program, go check out Kettleworx. I guarantee you'll enjoy it!  Kettleworx sells programs with 5, 10, 15 and 20 lb. kettlebells, so whatever your present fitness level, you can find one to suit you.

I'll post another review in another 3-4 weeks (after I've finished the 6 week program), and let you know how I like the rest of the program!

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