Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drink Wat-aah! Review

Water is my drink of preference. Getting kids to drink water (and enjoy drinking it) is not always easy, though.  Well, there's a company that is campaigning right now to encourage kids to stay away from sodas and high-sugar content drinks, and instead, drink "wat-aah"! They're so excited about they're message ("Don't drink____, Drink WAT-AAH!") that they've even started an ad campaign outdoors in New York City, and will soon be running print ads in cities such as Boston, L.A., San Diego, and others!
What is Wat-aah?" you ask.  "Wat-aah is the first premium water brand by kids for kids.  It is pure, clean and healthy hydration at a time when chronic obesity is a serious issue among children."
Read more about Wat-aah's campaign here.

"Founded in New York City in 2008 by Rose Cameron and her son, Jack, WAT-AAH! is the first water "cool" enough to convince kids to switch away from soda and other sugar laden beverages that litter the marketplace. With one in three children in the US considered to be overweight or obese, WAT-AAH!'s mission is clear: to reverse the established behavior and dependency on sweetened drinks among American children, thus reducing the alarmingly high rates of childhood obesity."

I was sent a variety of 4 bottles of Wat-aah to review.  The bottles have a unique design, making them more interesting for children.  Personally, I love drinking bottled water.  But, when these came in, even the kids were begging to try some!  I guess the fact that it's designed for children makes them enjoy drinking it more!  I would definitely recommend checking out Wat-aah if you're looking for a good, healthy alternative to soda for your kids!  You can also check out Wat-aah's facebook page here.

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  1. all marketing- Rose, the founder has a working history with marking companies so this looks too easy- take regular water and add a cool looking label that kids will like. sorry not buying it.