Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CSN Stores Review Coming Up!!

Guess what?!  I was contacted by CSN Stores the other day, and they asked if I would like to host another review or giveaway on my blog! Of course I said yes!  I chose to do a review, since last time I did a giveaway.  For anyone who doesn't know what CSN Stores is...let me tell you.  CSN Stores is a collection of over 200 stores online-all in one place!  They sell everything you'll ever need for your house and outdoors.
"CSN Stores offers an incomparable selection, a trained service team, and prices that won't be beat! From beds and desks to TV mounts, we can furnish your entire home, business, or school, and you can shop at all of our stores with one cart!"
I've been spending some time on there the past couple days trying to decide what I wanted to review.  I started with bigger items (things I obviously don't have money for right now), and I think this dark cherry vanity is beautiful! I would love to have a Bathroom Vanity like this some day!

I think, though, for my review, I'll pick something a little smaller :)  It's just so hard to choose an item,  with over 200 stores to shop at!  Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for my review from CSN Stores!

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