Monday, April 26, 2010

Piczzle Picture Puzzle Review

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I love personalized photo gifts! They are so unique, and I love being able to put a picture of a family member or friend on something I'll be using, whether a mug, tote bag, mouse pad, etc. Well, here's a very neat photo gift-a personalized photo puzzle from Piczzle!

"Piczzle Picture Puzzling is an internet-based sale and manufacturing service of Jigsaw Puzzles. Our company constantly pursues its vision of becoming a true global digital service leader who can make its customers worldwide happy through its creative supreme quality products.
Our company specializes in the field of custom puzzles production and selling of wood, cardboard and computer jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individual and business customers directly through this website, and indirectly through online/ offline stores, distributors and independent resellers. Piczzle operates worldwide especially in the USA, the UK and in Israel.

We provide a range of personalized photo puzzle products through a service that makes it easy and fun for our visitors to design, write, paint, enhance, share and preserve their digital photos while sharing these interactively with their friends and family in an original, one of a kind, creative and thoughtful way.

We enable anyone in the world to easily
and quickly turn their own digital picture into their very own picture puzzle as a personalized gift or just for fun. Here you have the control over what you would like your one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle to be: its picture, personal text, size, design, and level of difficulty are all up to you.

Piczzle's puzzles are made-to-order custom puzzles, and are produced using the customer's own photos. Being first in line we are committed to providing excellent service and top-quality personalized puzzles, thus linking a history of over 15 years of custom-made jigsaw puzzles manufacturing with online retail experience. Piczzle sees great importance in individuality and creativity, and promotes these issues by giving the customer the power to design their own product on one hand, and on the other hand by tending personally to each puzzle: on the service aspect, the graphic-design aspect, and the final product manufacturing aspect. Piczzle Personalized Pictu
re Puzzle service was founded on May, 2003."

Piczzle sent me a 300 piece puzzle with one of my pictures on it. I emailed them a picture of my little brother with one of his favorite preachers, and I was thrilled to see how nice it turned out! The puzzle box even has the picture on it, just like a "real" puzzle! As I put the puzzle together, it was neat to see the picture take shape.

Isn't that neat??!!

Piczzle sells puzzles from 12 pieces to 2,000 pieces, and you can choose from cardboard or wooden, and even different shapes-heart, round, or rectangular. Piczzle will also put text on the puzzle if you want!

Piczzle is offering a 35% discount to my readers! Simply enter "HopesCafe35" during checkout!

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