Tuesday, April 27, 2010

eShakti Women's Clothing Review

eShakti recently offered me the opportunity to host a review on my blog, and I jumped at the chance! I am very picky about my clothing, so I love the ability to basically design my own clothing at eShakti!

"A woman can shop for exactly what she wants - no compromise, no premium to pay. She can ask for the fabric, color, body, styling and sizing that she likes. Earlier the information flowed one way: from the manufacturer to the customer. Now, the customer can talk to the manufacturer and easily specify online what she wants and get the clothing made just for her

We offer trendy, comfortable styles in clothes in a selection of fabrics. To know what our customers like, we run customer panels.

We offer the full size selection from 0 to 26W. We also offer custom sizes.

We give the customer the option to change the styling to suit herself. For instance, she can change the length of the sleeve or the body, or the shape of the neckline, in a tunic quite easily during the shopping process.

We have kept our website and customer policies friendly. We have a no-questions- money-back guarantee on sales returns, for instance.

Now, we ship in 3 business days. Yes, even custom clothes ship in 3 days. And the transit time from us to the customer is typically 4 days. So in 7 business days or less the customer gets to wear what she has ordered from us.

We ensure that no woman is told we don't carry her size - we offer every size, on all our clothes, at all times.

And we keep our prices stunningly reasonable."

What a great idea! I chose the Bias Cut Paneled Long Skirt. The best part was being able to give the exact length I wanted the skirt! I only wear long skirts, so this was a wonderful benefit of shopping at eShakti! There are so many options at eShakti...I had a hard time choosing one item for the review. I love this color block dress!

I highly recommend eShakti to anyone looking for a fun online shopping experience! In addition to the huge selection, and being able to customize your clothing, they have fast service, too! I received my skirt about a week after placing the order...and that was with the customized option!

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