Monday, June 18, 2018

Finding a Wedding Cake Baker

Things to Consider During Your Wedding Cake Tasting Appointment

Before hiring a baker to make your wedding cake, you should schedule an appointment for a cake tasting. Not only does this give you the chance to sample different flavors and find one that you like, but it also lets you see how you feel about the baker and his or her shop. No matter how many samples you try, there are a few things to consider during your appointment.

Design and Style

The first thing you should consider is the overall design and style of the cake. Before meeting with the baker, take some time to walk around the shop and check out the styles on display. This gives you an idea of whether the shop can make your dream cake or if you should consider another shop. Many shops also have books available that show you the designs workers made in the past.

Baker Attitude

Would you hire someone who constantly screams at his or her staff and has such a negative attitude that you feel uncomfortable while sitting in the same room? When you get to your appointment a few minutes early, you can see how the baker acts around those working in the shop. You'll also want to keep an eye on his or her attitude as you sample different flavors and ask questions. Those who have a negative attitude and get upset easily and those who ignore your questions are bakers you'll want to avoid.

Total Cost

One of the best reasons to schedule a cake tasting with a custom bakery Chicago IL shop or a shop in another city is that you get to sample both traditional and unique flavors. You might want a simple chocolate cake or something unusual like a banana cake with a caramel filling. As you talk with the baker, find out how much the shop charges for the cake and the frosting and filling as well as any special decorations you want. Knowing what to consider and think about during your tasting will help you find the best baker for your wedding cake.

Fencing For Your Home

Getting The Fence You Want

When you look outside and see an open expanse of your yard, you might wonder why your pets tend to escape from your property or why your children don't always want to go outside. A fence can offer the protection that your family needs and can also increase the value of your home. If you don't have a lot of money in your budget, then consider installing a wooden fence, getting more information here about the recommended height for your yard as well as some of the extras that you might want to include.

A chain or a stainless steel fence often has small holes that people can see through. It can also look unsightly against your home. A wooden fence usually doesn't have the same types of holes and can be painted to match the exterior of your house. Since the slats of the fence can be kept as close together as possible, pets and children will have a difficult time escaping. You can also easily position the slats of the fence in concrete so that it doesn't move around.

After completing the fence, you need to treat the wood. If the wood is treated, then the fence will usually last longer than if you were to leave it left unattended. You should also look at the options you have when it comes to wood because some types of wood are softer than others and won't last as long. Spruce and cedar are common types of wood that are used when building a fence. There are usually more customization options with a wooden fence. You can easily add a gate in one area as well as decorations that you hang on the fence. There are also options for painting the wood that you won't have with metal or vinyl.

Benefits of Owning a Boat

Owning a Boat Adds Meaning to Your Life

It is wise for a person to consider the pros and cons of owning a boat before they make a purchase. It can be easy for a person to look at some of the cons and quickly dismiss the idea of purchasing a boat. When they think about the costs, maintenance, and insurance, they may quickly feel overwhelmed and decide not to buy visit that boat or yacht dealer. However, there are many good reasons to purchase a boat. Here are a few of them.

Boating can benefit you in a psychological way. Being out on the water will soothe your mind and help you deal with the stresses you face in daily life. The change of scene and being out in nature can contribute to your well-being. Many who have taken up boating no longer feel the need to engage in other activities that they used to pay for to help them relieve their stress.

It is true that owning a yacht is not the cheapest hobby you could have. However, you will potentially save a lot of money if you use it as an alternative to other recreational activities. Once you have all the necessary gear, you will be ready for travel, water-skiing, fishing, snorkeling, and a bunch of other enjoyable activities.

Owning a boat can be a great way for you to bond with your family. Spending time with your children and loved ones while cruising on the water for the afternoon or fishing is a great way to spend time together. It is a perfect alternative to video games and movies.

Many boating activities are a great way for the entire family to get exercise. Some have even given up their gym membership because of the exercise they get when water-skiing, snorkeling, or going on rigorous sailing voyages. Boat clean up and maintenance can be a great ways to get your body moving.

No one should rush into the decision to purchase a boat. However, after looking at the pros and cons, many find that owning a boat can be a truly rewarding experience.

Home Improvement To-Do List

When you think about possible home improvements to put on your to-do list, basement waterproofing may not immediately come to mind. Yet it can be a cost-effective update if you live in an area that's prone to flooding. Even if this isn't the case, there are other potential sources of water damage that could be less problematic in a waterproofed basement. Take a moment to consider specific benefits associated with PA basement waterproofing.

1. Protection for Your Investment

Any house you proudly call a home is a significant investment, especially if you've taken the time to make improvements over the years. By taking proactive action to waterproof your basement, you'll be greatly reducing the odds of unexpected damage that may affect irreplaceable belongings. You'll also be doing something that may add much-appreciated value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

2. Reduced Energy Expenses

Sealing up old or overlooked cracks can do more than just keep unwanted water out of your home. You'll also be preventing outside air from getting into you home via your basement. Water seepage can also create excess moisture and humidity in your basement around the area where your HVAC system is located, which could cause it to work harder to maintain indoor comfort.

3. More Usable Home Space

It's often the musty smell or the potential for mold and other moisture-related problems that limits how people use their basement. A basement that's fully waterproofed, however, can easily become a more inviting space. Knowing that moisture won't be problem can also provide an added incentive to turn your basement into an entertainment area or similar extension of your living spaces.

4. Fewer Long-Term Health Risks

You may think that minor issues with basement moisture aren't all that serious. Under the right conditions, however, mold can quickly grow and remain undetected for years. What it could lead to is reduced indoor air quality that may contribute to problems with allergies and a greater risk for respiratory conditions, especially for household members sensitive to airborne contaminants.

In addition to the benefits of basement waterproofing already mentioned, don't forget to consider added peace of mind. As a homeowner, you surely know the many thoughts that can run through your head when thunder rattles windows and heavy rain falls. But if you know your basement is securely waterproofed, you'll have one less thing to worry about, even as water accumulates outside.

Friday, June 1, 2018

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Food Photography For Restaurants

Using Photography to Market Your Restaurant

Since the restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries out there, and owners are always looking for creative ways to attract and retain customers. Restaurant food photography is one way to market your business on the internet or in print advertising. Specially, these three types of restaurant photography can help you spread the word about the delicious cuisine offered in your restaurant.

Whether your restaurant specializes in a particular cuisine such as sushi and ramen or you offer a broad menu, rest assured that pictures of your food is visually stimulating and can draw new customers in. Consider capturing some of your most colorful dishes. For those dishes that lack color, think about using a bright or contrasting background in order to add pizzazz to the photo.

Capturing and displaying the special vibe of your restaurant may be all it takes to attract more customers to your business. Typically, every restaurant has a main visual attraction somewhere in the seating area, foyer or kitchen. This can be something as obvious as a large aquarium or it could be something less tangible like a dimly lit bar area that seems soothing yet inviting. The idea is to allow your customers to visualize what it feels like to dine in your restaurant.

What better way to increase business than to attract large groups for parties or small events. Capturing pictures of large groups of customers in your business lets new customers know that your restaurant is an option for any upcoming party or event that they may be planning. Be sure to ask your groups for permission before displaying their group’s pictures on your social media platforms.

Essentially, restaurant owners need to stay innovative with their marketing techniques in order to retain their existing customers and attract new patrons. One great way to do this is to use photography to provide a visual of what you have to offer. Specifically, consider using pictures of some of your most popular dishes as well as pictures or video of your interior space and large group parties and events.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Call Center Office Upgrades

Simple, Desirable Upgrades for a Call Center Office

Keeping the employees of a call center content with their jobs is vital to achieving the statistics and numbers that the company is looking for. There are dozens of minor upgrades that will truly excite the employees, while also being well within budget for most companies.

Lounge Room

During work breaks many employees retreat to the cafeteria, parking lot, or to the courtyard. Many times, during the shorter work breaks, employees long for a lounging area that is close to their workstations. A great lounge could have comfortable seating, tables, phone charging stations, televisions, and music. During a rough day, these lounging areas can help employees to self soothe and psychologically prepare to go back to their workstations after a tough call. This significantly improves contentment in the workplace.

Free Refreshments

For employees who work in a call center, a dry mouth is a fairly common issue. When one spends the entire shift working on a phone, he or she may become very thirsty quite frequently. Purchasing some water coolers Chicago for the office can help to keep employees hydrated and ready to accept their next call.

Sanitation Station

Call centers are well-known for having outbreaks of illness. This is due to having many employees working in close quarters with each other during peak seasons of illness. Many employees actively try to prevent Illness, but this can be hard if they do not have access to cleaners and sanitation equipment. By having several sanitation stations located throughout the office, employees can disinfect their hands, their desks, and shared work equipment frequently. This can help to promote health throughout the office and reduce the amount of absences due to illness. For employees who work in call centers, it is a big relief to know that their superiors are doing everything they can to provide a healthy, safe, and satisfactory workplace for all employees. As the employee's needs are met, the company will continue to see lots of improvements; especially whenever it comes to customer service, sales, and customer retention.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea! #CanvasPrint

How many of you out there have already started thinking about that perfect Mother's Day gift for your mom? I have actually been thinking and planning for a couple weeks now because while some people view Mother's Day as a not-so-big holiday, for me, my mom is someone I want to celebrate and let her know how much she means to me. Flowers and chocolate are nice, but I much prefer gifting something I know she will love, something special, and something tailored to her personal likes.

My mother is an incredible photographer, and she is always snapping shots of the family, landscapes, our pets, and anything else you can imagine. As you would probably guess, that means we have loads of pictures that would be perfect for a photo gift. Specifically, a canvas print made with some of her favorite shots! She has a few 8x10 prints she has ordered from a local photo printing shop, but I'm thinking a large canvas would be an awesome gift idea for her this year!

Another gift idea I love is a getaway trip. We have done this several times in the past and she always loves it. Sometimes a family getaway, sometimes just her and our dad, and sometimes we do a girls getaway with my sisters, myself, and our mom. Whether we plan it around an antique mall she'd like to visit, an upcoming Southern Gospel concert, or just a beautiful area to get into the country and relax, she always loves these trips! Sometimes we do just an overnight trip, but sometimes we plan for a few days where we book lodging, give her gift cards for restaurants we'll visit, and also give her a basket of goodies and snacks for the trip.

One more gift idea I've been pondering for her this year is some photography equipment. She has several "wishlist" items such as a new bag, straps, lenses, and more. Of course, we could put together a photography gift basket for her with some of the equipment she needs, and a couple canvas prints of her favorite pictures. Now there's a special Mother's Day gift she'd surely love!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Eclectic Home Decor Ideas

Make a Statement with Eclectic Décor

Eclectic décor is not a hodge-podge of mismatched items placed haphazardly in a room. In order for an eclectic décor to be visually appealing, it should adhere to a specific theme. The items you include in an eclectic room can come from diverse time periods and represent different cultures, but there needs to be a common thread unifying the items.  With the current trend being one that supports eco-friendly, organic and healthy living, a décor theme of eclectic organic could ideally represent your lifestyle choice as well as your décor preference.

Modern Simplicity

A modern décor or a rustic modern décor ideally support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Minimalistic decorating is a feature of modern design. Taking a decorating cue from nature and incorporating natural items in your décor is a good way to showcase your lifestyle preference. Furniture made from wood and metal is an excellent option for a modern, eclectic décor. Home decor stores oregon is an excellent resource for natural furniture that complements an eclectic décor.  Furniture that focuses on sustainability as well as function and beauty would be a great choice for an eclectic, natural décor.  Unique chairs and tables constructed from natural products, chemical-free upholstery and decorative accessories that showcase the beauty nature has to offer can give your home the personalized look you desire.

Eclectic Bedroom

Your bedroom can become an eclectic, personally unique oasis with the inclusion of furniture made with sustainability in mind and bedding that supports your eco-friendly lifestyle. When you’re focused on living a healthy lifestyle, acquiring the proper amount of sleep should be one of your priorities. An eco-friendly mattress and eco-friendly bedding is the ideal foundation for a good night’s sleep. Choosing wood or tile flooring can also help make your bedroom a healthier place.

Live plants in quirky containers can enhance your eclectic décor. Rugs and pillows made from natural material can help make a room feel cozy. Add eclectic elements to your décor that provide a glimpse of your personality or showcase your interests.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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