Monday, August 22, 2016

How To Whiten Sensitive Teeth with #SmileBrilliant

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, you may find it hard to find a whitening system that doesn't irritate. I am one of those people with super-sensitive teeth, and because of that I have avoided most teeth whitening kits. I've tried a few here and there over the past few years, but only found one that didn't cause any sensitivity in my teeth or gums. Many kits or systems I tried I could use once (often leaving the gel or strips on for only half the suggested time), but if I tried a second application, couldn't stand the sensitivity it caused. A couple years ago I tried a unique home-whitening system from a company called Smile Brilliant, and to date it is the only system that really does whiten my teeth, but doesn't cause any sensitivity!

Smile Brilliant is a home whitening system that allows you to actually get a custom-fitted tray designed specifically for your teeth. The kit comes with desensitizing gel and whitening gel, and this combination is perfect for people like me! Simply use the desensitizing gel in your trays for 10-15 minutes, and this prevents and alleviates any sensitivity. I only need to use it once a day during my whitening process, but you can actually use it more frequently if needed. For example, you could use it both before and after whitening, or even a couple different times throughout the day. I haven't found this necessary however; just the one use a day does the trick for me.

This is by far the best home teeth whitening system I have found for people with sensitive teeth. You can also find out more information about what causes sensitive teeth. I highly recommend it for anyone who's had a bad experience with home whitening, or is nervous about trying it out. You will love the results, and love the fact that your teeth and gums don't feel any pain or sensitivity! Smile Brilliant is also running a giveaway, so be sure to enter for a chance to win
a Smile Brilliant Home Whitening kit! Or if you'd like to purchase the system, enter the code hopes cafe at checkout for 5% off!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Caring For A Refinished Tub

Caring For A Refinished Tub

Whether you hire a tub refinishing Atlanta company to give your tub a make over or you do the work on your own, there are a few tips that you want to keep in mind to get the best results possible. A refinished tub is one that sparkles and looks like it did when the tub was first placed in the bathroom. It can give new life to the room instead of creating a dull look. 

Refinishing the tub is a less expensive option that replacing the tub in most cases unless there are cracks in the tub or the plumbing just isn't compatible any longer. When the job is done in the proper manner, it can last for up to 20 years, longer if you take care of the material that the tub is made of and if the tub isn't used on a regular basis. An example would be if the bathroom is a guest room that isn't used every day. As long as there are very few chips or scratches, the average cost for refinishing a tub is usually less than $500. 

After the tub has been refinished, there are a few cleaners that can be used to maintain the appearance. The tub might be a little slippery at first, so it's important to use caution when getting in and out of the tub, especially if children or elderly family members are in the bathroom. Refinishing the tub will remove small chips in the paint or other material that the tub is covered with. This is a benefit for the safety of those who use the tub as it can prevent scratches on the skin. When you're cleaning the tub, avoid using bleach because it can seep into the pores of the tub, causing small cracks and chips to develop. It will also etch away the porcelain on the tub. Bleach will strip the glaze away from the tub, which is what causes the dull appearance. Once the tub is refinished, the brilliance of the polish will return. Another tip to keep in mind is not to leave shampoo bottles in the corner of the tub. This will stain the corners over time, making this area of the tub harder to refinish.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Celebration With Tatcha Skincare!

A couple years ago I featured a very unique Japanese skincare company on here called Tatcha. I absolutely love their products, so when I learned about a special summer celebration they have going on right now I knew I had to share! If you've never tried Tatcha products before this is your chance to get started, and if you're already a Tatcha fan - like me - here's a great way to get a free bonus gift with your normal order!

Simply follow this link to Tatcha and choose your summer set. If you spend over $150 you will receive a bonus Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm, exclusive travel pouch, and a travel-size item of your choice! If you spend over $250, then you will receive the lip balm, travel pouch, and a trio of travel-side products! What are you waiting for? Get shopping and have a beautiful summer with Tatcha!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Fun of Cornhole

The Fun Of Cornhole

Cornhole is a fun game that is placed between two people. It is often played outdoors. One board is placed at one end of the game area while the other board is placed across from it at a certain distance based on how far the players want to throw. Each board can be designed in a manner that the player enjoys. Bean bags are used to toss into holes of various sizes that are made on the board. Games using cornhole boards are often used at fundraisers, family reunions, school events or as a way to have fun with family and friends. 

The game is one that doesn't require a lot of thought, making it a fun game for all ages to play. There are very few rules to the game, which is a benefit if you want to play with several people who tend to get anxious about sticking by exact ways of playing or if you want to play while drinking a few beers or alcoholic beverages. Cornhole qualifies as exercise to a point. You are using the arms to toss the bean bags to the board in order to get them into the holes. The game also requires coordination. If you don't get the bags in the holes, you don't score points. 

Since cornhole is a relaxing game and can be played with family and friends at almost any time, it's one that can be addictive. The boards must be designed in a certain way so that they are all the same, but you can paint the boards in any fashion you like, sch as a sports theme or one that features bright colors. It gives you a chance to get outdoors, getting fresh air and sunshine that you wouldn't get if you were stuck inside all day playing video games. This is also a benefit for children and teenagers who tend to remain inside doing school work or using a phone instead of getting outside. The boards are easy to carry, making the game easy to take with you wherever you want to play, such as a park or a playground.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Machine Shop Cutting Tools

When you're just starting out in the world of small business, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the options available to you. Even after you've established yourself, your small business is in a precarious position for the first years of operation. You can help ensure greater success by taking steps to increase your business now and build a safety net for any future problems you may encounter. Take your small business to the next level with these helpful tips, including enlisting community support, saving money on materials, and utilizing partnerships with other businesses.

The first step to growing your small business is reaching out to your local business owner community for relationships and support. Check out your local chamber of commerce for ideas about business friendly legislation and neighborhood business opportunities. Reach out to community groups to advertise your product or services, and take the opportunity to meet people who can help you out in the future. Consider this a chance to invest in your future by constructing a safety net of helpful contacts and a network of community resources.

Next, improve your bottom line by taking a hard look at your finances and cutting corners where appropriate. You don't want to compromise quality, but you do want to save money. When possible, try to repair parts and material before you replace them with expensive alternatives. Look online for better deals on necessary equipment. For example, if your business needs new machine shop cutting tools, try shopping at a reputable online store like High Quality Tools, Inc. This savvy shopping can save your business big money in the long run.

Finally, look to other businesses in your field for partnerships and build strong working relationships with these businesses. You may be concerned about dealing with your competitors, but there are more businesses that can help you than ones which can cause harm. Seek out business owners in related, but not identical, fields of business, and see if you can work together to increase your bottom lines. Often, you can come up with a partnership that benefits you both. For example, if you run a car dealership, see about partnering with your local car wash for a discount at both stores. 

Give your small business the boost it needs by taking advantage of all of the opportunities provided to you. Reach out, save money, and build partnerships for better business success.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kids Academy Releases Math App for iTunes and Android!

kids academy singapore2

Kids Academy Releases #1 Math Games: Singapore Math App for Android and Updates iOS Version of Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten!

Kids Academy is a well-known mobile app developer working in the sphere of children’s early education. The team combines all the expertise, creativity and truly remarkable skills to develop a wide range of best educational games and fun worksheets for kids. The great news is that the team just released the long-awaited update #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten - iOS version of the app. itunes kidsThis best math app for kids in preschool and kindergarten offers a great variety of fun educational games for kids. Children will get a fantastic chance to:
• train their brains • enhance their attention and concentration • improve their cognitive skills • learn to follow instructions
While playing the fun math games, little mathematicians will grasp their numbers, addition and subtraction facts in a fun and enjoyable way. Kids will trace numbers, master their geometric shapes, practice skip counting and acquire other useful skills too. The cool math games by Kids Academy are based on the famous Singapore Math method. They help children visualize math problems and solve them in a simple way. You can find a number of best educational apps for children by Kids Academy featured in the Family section of the Android store in the USA, Australia and Canada. This featuring is a reliable indicator of high quality and value of the fun educational games created by this team. android google playitunes app store


We have more terrific news from Kids Academy. Available mid-May 2016 is the long-awaited Android version of their cool #1 Math Games: Singapore Maths App.

Kids Academy is probably the top company out there for free, fun, educational kids games there is. We have enjoyed using many of theirs, and this one is no exception. I like the ability to adjust for the child’s age to ensure the games and what they are learning is at the appropriate level. As always the app is fun, bright, and entertaining, meaning that children will actually enjoy playing the games and learning about numbers. The only downside to this is it looks like you’re more limited than normal unless you pay for the full app (I think about $6.00). That’s not bad though when you consider how much this will help your youngsters, and how much they’ll enjoy playing it in the car, at the doctor’s office, or sitting at home! They’ll learn about cardinal numbers, skip counting, shapes, and counting from one to twenty.

This app has it all! It boasts hundreds of new cool math games, videos and interactive surprises. Your kid is sure to love the new innovative system of motivation and rewards, lively music, colorful graphics and amusing animation. Parents will be happy too – while kids play the new fun math games, they will not need any assistance from grown-up.


But that's not all. You can also try out the impressive collection of free printable worksheets and educational games on Kids Academy website. View a great variety of pre-school and kindergarten worksheets by topic and choose the perfect printables for your little learners. Download and print out the fun worksheets and give your kid a wonderful head start on math, writing, reading and other useful skills.

Click here to check out the Free cute worksheets for learning kids.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Find Local Contractors

Home Renovation: Hiring Contractors Vs. DIY Renovation 
Home renovation projects are desirable and sometimes necessary after purchase. For owners who have owned the home for several years, they might find that their family is quickly outgrowing the house due to a new baby or parents who have moved in. For elderly homeowners, the house might not be very senior friendly, requiring renovation. Updating a home can be done in a DIY fashion or it can be done by a professional contractor; sometimes, the benefits of a professional far outweigh the risks of DIY.

Saving Personal Time 
Instead of spending all of one's spare time on a renovation project that may take weeks or months, a contractor could be hired to complete the renovations in a much faster time frame. With a family and a demanding career, it can be hard to find the spare time to take on even the smallest renovation projects. Homeowners can find local contractors today to inquire about the time frames of particular renovations, comparing them against a do-it-yourself update to the home.

Avoiding the Purchase or Rental of Tools 
Most renovation projects require a wide assortment of tools and machinery in order to achieve a flawless end result that appears professionally done. Even renting the required tools or machinery could cost thousands of dollars; potentially costing as much as hiring a contractor depending upon the length of the rentals.

Experience and Guarantees  
One of the best features of a professional contractor is that the company and its employees have plenty of experience with renovations of all sizes and specifications. The work is done professionally and tends to come with a craftsmanship guarantee. A first time project done by a homeowner could have several kinks along the way, with imperfections in craftsmanship. For renovations that require a careful touch and attention to detail, professionals are the best for the job. They frequently deal with customers who are hard to please, ensuring that all contractors are quick to double check their work before completion of the renovation. 

For homeowners who are dancing the line between performing repairs or upgrades themselves versus hiring a contractor, the wisest decision should be made. Available time, investment money, and anticipated quality of craftsmanship should all be considered. For those who are rather inexperienced with little time and few tools, it is wise to allow a contractor to take care of all of the hard work.